This pillar refers to laws and regulations that provide guidelines within the innovation ecosystem. Policies and regulations provide important guidelines for the coordination of the innovation ecosystem. They provide governance structures and promote confidence in the governance structures. These are essential elements to encourage the participation of stakeholders who would make investments of human and financial capital in the national innovation ecosystem to promote the generation, protection and dissemination of knowledge outputs.
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Policies and regulations are important to a national innovation ecosystem because they provide guidelines and governance structures for the operation of the ecosystem. Science, Technology and Innovation is a priority sector for the GoK in its efforts to build a resilient knowledge-based economy.
The ST&I Act 2013 is currently the principal act of parliament that facilitates the promotion, coordination and regulation of the progress of ST&I in the country. The Act established 3 institutions relevant to this mandate. These are National Commission of Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI), Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) and National Research Fund (NRF). The Act envisioned a fund equivalent to a minimum of 2% of the country’s GDP that was to be provided by the national treasury.

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