Pillar: Human Capital

Evolving Education at the University Level

With the ongoing generational shift in mindset towards work and the evolving needs of the labour market, universities are optimally placed to pioneer alternative skills development. KeNIA has established the Kenya Network of Entrepreneurial Institution Leaders (KNEIL), a network of Kenyan institutions of higher learning (IHLs). The network is created to encourage & grow the potential of IHLs to develop, promote, nurture and drive sustainable innovation & entrepreneurial ecosystems within the institutions and the country. Working through the KNEIL, KeNIA intends to strengthen mechanisms to commercialise research and ideas in IHLs. Further, the Agency will support the introduction of innovation-focused courses in these institutions. Venture-based curricula would empower students to focus on the development of enterpreneurial ventures as the main requirement of attaining their degree qualification.


The goal is to have the Council of University Education (CUE) approve the first venture-based curriculum before the end of the 2024 fiscal year.

$10 million



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