Pillar: Policy

National and County Innovation Policies

KeNIA has prepared an initial draft of a national innovation policy with the objective to enable review, development and implementation of a national innovation ecosystem and adopt a systemic approach to successfully deal with the socio-economic challenges of the nation. The National Innovation Policy Framework (NIPF) recognizes the existence of a large number of policies and programmes in support of the Kenya Innovation Ecosystem. It, therefore, 1. Provides a coherent structure through which existing policies may be reviewed to ensure strong synergies between them and that their collective implementation shall drive the country towards attainment of the aspirations in Vision 2030. 2. Enables identification and correction of overlaps and contradictions among the current policies, 3. Enables identification of gaps that can be filled through development of new targeted policies and programmes, and 4. Is a living document to be reviewed and improved upon in response to local and global changes.


The goal is to have the policy proposal presented before parliament and adopted by the end of the year 2024.




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Counties to have enacted a suitable innovation policy.

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