Pillar: Policy

National Intellectual Property Policy

The protection of the intellectual property developed by the knowledge economy is essential for confidence within the national innovation ecosystem. Kenya has not yet operationalised a national intellectual property policy. This national IP policy remains at draft level. This masterplan proposes to encourage the passing and enactment of this policy before the end of the fiscal year 2024. This will require close collaboration with the parliamentary committees to ensure that this gets on to the parliamentary docket for discussion and adoption. In recognition of the time lapse since the drafting of the bill, it is recommended that a revision that includes additional public participation is considered and adopted. The success of this initiative will be measured by the enactment of the policy, the sensitization of the national innovation stakeholders, the number of patents and any other forms of intellectual property rights that will be registered within the national innovation ecosystem over the next 10 years


To pass and enact the national IP policy before the end of the fiscal year 2024.




Project Goals

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National Intellectual Property Policy enacted

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Stakeholders sensitised

10000 / 100000

IPs registered

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Key Performance Indicators

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